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Brooklyn | New York

Portrait Oil on Canvas - 12"x12"

230622 Self Portrait.jpg

Metropolis Oil on linen - 29"x29"

211006 WWIII.jpg

Washington Square Park Oil on Canvas - 24"x36"

180704 Washington SQ.jpg

SINK or SWIM  Oil on canvas - 24"x36"

Survival in New York City. 

151130 Sink or Swim.jpg

Higher Determination  Oil on canvas - 24"x36"

One artistic struggle in New York City.  Swept away by the desires for fame(the golden glitter on the right) and fortune(the green slush to the left), pull himself up to the island of sanity with the helping hand of Self-Determination.

161105 Higher Determnination.jpg

CENTRAL PARK: Winter Wonderland

Oil on canvas - 24"x36"

220301 Central Park Snowscape sm.jpg

RUSH HOUR - Grand Central Terminal

Oil on cnavas - 24"x36"

New York City Homecoming

190201 Grand Central.jpg

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American Angel Oil on Canvas - 20"x24"

American Angel Lo.jpg

Gardening - Self Portrait Oil on canvas - 16"x20"

"Gardening" by Jameson Fitzpatrick

"I'm better at loving the idea of a garden than actually tending one. But every spring, I come back to the soil, plot out a patch, bury my hands in the dirt, and try again."

190427 Portrait of Spring.jpg

Sky-High Club  Oil on Canvas - 24"x36"

190604 Sky-High Tulips.jpg
170720 Sherry-Netherland.jpg

Central Park South  Oil on Canvas - 20"x30"

Snowy Manhattan  Oil on Canvas - 15"x24"

190125 Woolworth Building.jpg

Central Park South  Oil on Canvas - 20"x30"

190301 Central Park South.jpg

Empire State Building  Oil on Canvas - 11"x14"

181224 NYC 11x14.jpg

Washington Square  Oil on Canvas - 11"x14"

190102 Washington Square Xmas 11x14.jpg

Brooklyn Bridge  Oil on Canvas - 11"x14"

190107 Brooklyn Bridge.jpg

Times Square  Oil on Canvas - 11"x14"

190114 Times Square.jpg

American Angel  Oil on Canvas - 16"x20"

180418 American Angel.jpg

Manhattan  Oil on Canvas - 16"x20"

170728 Bush Terminal.jpg

Treasure Seekers By The Foreign Shore  Oil on Canvas - 30"x24"

The alienation and hope in the land of plenty, this painting depicts the hopes and fears of seeking the American Dream.  Lady Liberty is so close yet unapproachable.

170831 Treasure Seekers.jpg

Silly Boy  Oil on Canvas - 16"x20"

200421 Yian Son.jpg

The Untouchable Oil on cnavas - 12"x12"

161020 Goddess.jpg

A Young Frenchman Oil on canvas -12"x16"

Portrait Commissions

These portraits were commissioned by the groom as surprised gifts to his bride, these were the bride parents who passed away, and will be unveiled at the wedding early next month! How romantic and thoughtful!

181022 Kareem Commission 02.jpg

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