Daffodil Child oil on cnavas - 18"x24"

210530 Daffodil Child.jpg

Lizard  - oil on Canvas - 14"x11"

210624 Lizard 14x11.jpg

Silly Boy  - oil on Canvas - 16"x20"

200421 Yian Son.jpg

Sky-High Tulips  - oil on Canvas - 24"x36" -  Only if you live in a sky-high condo in Manhattan.

190604 Sky-High Tulips.jpg

Rush Hour at the Grand Central Terminal - oil on Canvas - 30"x24"

190201 Grand Central.jpg

Higher Determination  - oil on Canvas - 24"x36" -  One artistic struggle in New York City. Swept away by the desire for fame and fortune, he tried to pull himself up to the island of sanity with the helping hand of DETERMINATION.

150119 5th Avenue Struggle
190301 Central Park South.jpg

Central Park South  - oil on Canvas - 20"x30"

Portrait of Spring  - oil on Canvas - 16"x20"

190427 Portrait of Spring.jpg

Snowy Manhattan  - oil on Canvas - 15"x24"

190125 Woolworth Building.jpg

Portrait of the Artistoil on cnavas - 12"x12"

180905 Yiyan.jpg

A Young Frenchman oil on canvas -12"x16"

Portrait Commissions

These portraits were commissioned by the groom as surprised gifts to his bride, these were the bride parents who passed away, and will be unvealed at the wedding early next month! How romantic and thoughtful!

Oil on Board - 11"x14" each

181022 Kareem Commission 02.jpg
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