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RITES of Spring - An Art Show after the Long, Dark Winter.

Rites of Spring Show @

Spring has sprung! Is the dark age our country has plunged into after the presidential election is about to brighten up?

Many are confused and depressed by the ruptured of the current political and social climates. As an immigrant artist, the pervasive anti-immigrant and anti-equality sentiments seems especially dire and hopeless. It has profound effects on my artworks since the presidential election, three of these paintings (images on this page) will be on view in this art exhibition.

However, the show is not all about these intense and dark feelings. More than 200 artists from different backgrounds will be participating in this show. There is a wide range of artistic expressions on this 'Rites of Spring' show, many are cheerful and hopeful.

Please come and join us to soak in the art with free foods, drinks, and music performances.

Location: Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition -

481 Van Brunt Street, Door 7, Red Hook, Brooklyn, 11231

Opening: May 13, 2017 - Free foods, drinks, and music!

Show Duration: May13 - June 18, 2017 (Weekend 1-6pm)

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